About Me:

I’m an openly gay and married white male who has the privilege of seeing the world through the eyes of a straight white male as well as those of an underrepresented minority. My husband and I have a pandemic pup… He’s a French Bulldog named Boom Boom who has no sense of personal space.

Paul Drinkwine

Yes, my last name is real… I hated it as a kid because I was tomented to no end but, I’ve come to love it as an adult.

I have passions for the arts and justice among other things. I do have an art blog in the works but this one took precedence due to the nature of the content. I do not wish upon anyone the hell my neighbors have unleashed on myself as well as the community they moved into. It is my hope to let people know their actions can be made public. I hope others will think twice about behaving the way my neighbors have after reading about my experience.

I am going public with my experiences to show people their actions matter. If you are a judge doing sloppy work or just some homeowner who gets their kicks by bullying your neighbors, your actions can be made visible to the world. What you do matters.

Some will say I am shaming my neighbors; I am not. I honestly don’t think they are capable of shame. I am simply sharing my experience with the hopes that doing so will make others think twice about doing what my neighbors have done to me and our community.

I also hope to shine a spotlight on how broken our legal system is. I am doing this with the hope of someday being able to implement some of the simple changes I know would make a huge difference in our judicial system.

I’m also a firm believer in discourse, diversity of thought and sharing experiences. If you have an experience remotely similar to mine in its audacity, I would love to hear from you.

A few things I like to do…

Love on, and play with, our French bulldog Boom Boom.

Collect and manage an extensive lossless music library.

Collect art… It’s a modest and unique collection.

Urban gardening. Tight spaces are my thing.

Boom Boom smelz budder.