A High Level Overview

Everyone has a story to tell about their neighbors. My story is unlike any I’ve heard. Dive into my nightmare and let me know if you have a story as well. I would love to network with others and enact change.

My Current Mission

To let people know their actions do matter and those actions can now become a matter of public record unlike any other time in history. To expose how flawed our legal and judicial systems are. To stimulate conversations about how to fix our legal and judicial systems.

Extended Vision

To network with others who are having similar chronic experiences with their neighbors and/or the legal system. I am looking for experiences which defy logic and societal norms. I want to hear from you if your experience fits that criteria. Please be prepared to provide documented and irrefutable proof of your hardship.

Want to help?

If you find anything here remotely interesting or entertaining, I could use your help to keep up the good fight. Our legal bills have been ungodly and I’m damn near positive my neighbors will take me to court yet again, due this site. I believe they will stop at nothing to eliminate my freedom of speech. I doubt they want this story told.

Fundamentally, I am keeping up the good fight for you and others as well as myself. If my neighbors have their way, it will soon be illegal in Washington to flip someone off more than twice regardless of how horrible of a human they may have been. Your state could be next.

You can give on this site using either of the the secure links below. I’ve provided two ways to give because, some like to give in complete anonymity. Gifting directly using this site will allow complete anonymity. Nobody but me will know how much this site is helping out with our legal bills or who helped.

I know some will have no problem donating using their name and making the amount visible. Gifting this way sends my neighbors a clear message of who is standing with me. You can do this by gifting using GoFundMe.

I also know some of you want to make your support visible but would rather do so anonymously. GoFundMe will allow you to do just that. You can gift anonymously on GoFundMe. This option will let my neighbors know the dollar amount given but they will have no clue who donated.

To donate completely anonymously on this site, select “How can I help?” in the menu on the top of the page or by clicking on this hyperlink: https://disruptivecandor.com/i-want-to-help/

If GoFundMe is more attractive to you for any reason, here’s the link to my GoFundMe: https://www.gofundme.com/f/PaulsLegalFund