Here’s an update on Drew Gillespie and The Compound.

I’m still around and will now have more time to devote to this endeavor; however, it will be much lower on my priority list. I started a new blog for which there is a paid advertisement at the end of this post. That blog will take precedent over this one. I also have family and social lives as well as a day job. That being said, I have full intention of following this through, no matter how long it takes. I believe this story is worth telling for many reasons.

I will eventually release the full audio of the hearing, which restrained my middle finger. I will also take on that judge because I honestly believe this was another example of white heterosexual privilege coupled with homophobia. I long to give a complete breakdown, but first things first…

Let’s start with an update on the property status. I believe Kate and Drew have made it look even more horrid than ever. I think they are trying to make it look awful and simply doing so to exhibit who they are as humans.

Kate and Drew have a tiny patch of land on the front of the property, which greets all visitors to the property. Recently, one of the homeowners decided to rent their home out. It’s been on the market for some time now, which is highly unusual in the Seattle market, but I can understand why… When entering the property, people are greeted by a compost pile, a tiny piece of land with hay thrown all over it, weeds gone mad, and nothing but clutter on the south side of The Compound. I don’t think anyone would want to come home to this hideous eyesore. I don’t want to, but Kate and Drew will be Kate and Drew.

Here is a copy of an email our lawyer sent to The Compound lawyers on January 10, 2022:

“As your clients may know, my clients were on vacation for the majority of the snow. Several of your clients continued to compact the snow and ice on the driveway, making it a very hazardous situation. My clients had a couple packages tended to by a couple neighbors when they were away. One neighbor who knows very little about the legal problems of the community told my clients “Your driveway was quite treacherous. I don’t know who is responsible for clearing it, but it was really bad.” An eye-opening comment, given the history.

We are once again asking that everything your clients store out in the open, which is not explicitly allowed by the CC&Rs, be removed from sight. 

Additionally, the hay, straw or whatever it is your clients spread all over their property is inappropriate and unsightly. It’s spread all over the driveway and looks horrible. Please have your clients address this matter immediately.

This is not a farm.  It’s a city lot subject to easements and CC&Rs. My clients believe these actions continue to negatively impact property values for all other homeowners.”

End of email.

Yeah, we are concerned about our property values, and Drew and Co obviously could care less about the CC&Rs they agreed to. I honestly believe there is a correlation between the rental sitting empty as long as it has and the exploded dumpster motif of The Compound.

Most reasonable individuals would do something to clean up after a lawyer sent the email above but not Drew and Co… Here’s a copy of the email our lawyer sent over three months later, on April 25, 2022:

“We are once again asking that everything your clients store out in the open, which is not explicitly allowed by the CC&Rs, be removed from sight.  Things like bales of hay, wading pools full of soaking plastic bottles and cups, piles of dirt and other items cannot be stored in the common areas.  The compost pile created along 30th and the hay needs to be cleaned up / removed immediately.  I am told that one of the current owners is trying to rent her home out, and all this clutter is an eyesore for any potential tenant.”

End of email.

And there we have it… Drew and Kate continue not to give a hoot about what their property looks like, its impact on the rest of the homeowners, or the legal documents they signed when buying their home.

Not only do they not give a hoot about the legal documents they signed, but they also continue to spit in the face of the legal system. I gave them ample time to respond to our appeal. Time and time again, I let them have an extension for their response to my appeal. My lawyer and I knew this was nothing more than a stalling tactic but didn’t want to get pushy too early. On March 1, 2022, my lawyer filed this response to Kate and Drew’s FIFTH ask for an extension:

We expected nothing from the court but they actually kinda sided with us. Here was the court’s response:

The response from the court was a bit surprising because I had zero expectations. One thing I have learned through this process is precisely how broken our judicial and legal systems are. With that being said, one would think Drew, Kate, and their lawyer would jump when the court told them to do so. They didn’t. Their willingness to spit in the face of the law led my lawyer to file this on my behalf:

Drew, Kate, and the rest of the owners of The Compound are simply using the legal system to harass, bully and change the legal documents they signed when they purchased their home. I honestly don’t think there is any rational explanation other than this.

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