Patrick Pt. 2

I’m going to let some of my readers down… I’ve been thinking about the Patrick Pt. 2 post for some time and decided to keep it brief. I really want to move on to the meat of this whole shebang which is the lawyers and courts. I also don’t want to lay all my cards on the table for The Compound lawyers. Undoubtedly, I will revisit Patrick at some point in the future. But I think I’ve already provided enough information about who he is as a human for my readers to develop an opinion about him.

It should go without saying that Patrick Ascolese is the most entitled and shameless person I have ever met. Patrick acts as if he’s the policeman, CIA, forensics unit, judge, and jury for the community he lives in. I have stated for years that he bullies not only myself but others who live in and visit our community. I believe I have made the case that Patrick will bully and harass anyone he wants to for whatever reason he can come up with. The difference between Patrick’s harassment of myself and our other neighbors is Patrick has made a sport out of harassing and tormenting me.

His tactics of harassing me are almost always passive aggressive but he has been aggressive as well. I honestly think he’s looking for attention from the gay neighbor. I wouldn’t be surprised if later in life he ends up reenacting the scene in the movie American Beauty where the closeted gay man (Patrick) kills the heterosexual guy he’s obsessed with after he turns down Patrick’s sexual advances.

In previous posts I called out how Patrick struts and does what I call my “fan boy club” dance. He comes out to ‘greet’ me as I come and go from the property. He has also set up cameras all over The Compound to spy on me. He even went so far as to name one of the cameras after me. At least one of the cameras sends him alerts to his phone when I am getting in my car or walking on the driveway. He’s put chalk marks around my car. He and his wife created a video of her carrying their naked child in front of a camera named after myself so they could say I was the one creating videos of their children naked. Patrick attached a gay pride flag to his fence directly in front of my vehicle and on, and on, and on… For years on end. I may be flogging a dead horse but, I’m trying to drive home how unhinged this man-child really is (IMO). Would you flip off someone who harassed you for years on end as you came and went from your own home and showed no intention of ever stopping the harassment?

Despite the intended brevity of this post, there is one incident I would like to elaborate on briefly because I believe it effectively showcases who both Patrick and Drew are as humans… My first (and only) real conversation of substance with Patrick was when his contractors removed a motion detector light on the side of his home. This happened shortly after he and his family purchased The Compound. This light would turn on and light up the driveway and a portion of the parking lot of the community when motion was detected.

We live in Seattle where the winter nights are long and dark. The driveway has no lighting and is very dark at night without that light. With all the random things The Compound residents let lay in the driveway, I believe they also create a tripping hazard after sunset. And it’s not just the residents of the plat who walk down this driveway at night, guests and people making deliveries to homeowners are using it daily. It’s a very dark driveway and lighting is incredibly useful on this portion of the property.

Long before Patrick and his family members purchased The Compound, several of the homeowners were concerned about how dark the driveway was at night. I decided to take up their concerns and approached the previous owner of The Compound. I asked him if he would mind if the community purchased a motion triggered light and paid for the installation of it on his property by a licensed electrician. He jumped on the idea because he too was concerned about how dark it was in that area of the property. He had purchased the old duplex as an investment property and was concerned about his tenants’ safety. This was a new community, and we were all pulling together and addressing property concerns together… We were all acting like adults and respecting our neighbors.

Respecting one’s neighbors is a fundamental thing I was taught as a child. I was taught that I don’t need to like my neighbors, but I do need to respect them. It’s something I believe most Americans were taught from a young age. I also believe most Americans were taught not to lie about their neighbors due to the large Christian influence in America. I’m not a religious person, or a betting person, but I am willing to bet that those in The Compound consider themselves to be Christian even though they “bear false witness against” this neighbor all the flipping time. Hell, they even pay and manipulate their lawyers into doing so (IMO) but I’ve digressed…

Shortly after The Compound was sold to Patrick and his family members, their unending process of what I see as putting lipstick on a pig began. Countless ad hoc remodels and changes to their property have left it looking like someone desperately trying to make an outdated and nondescript building look ‘better’. I’ve seen outdated and nondescript homes get makeovers and look stunning. The problem with The Compound and its inhabitants is that they seem to think a lack of continuity and patchwork updates make their properties look better. I have never seen anyone pull off successful home redesign and landscaping projects without a cohesive plan for the entire property. I believe The Compound is a showcase example of lack of vision for a property and cheap mods making a property look disjointed. I believe The Compound is a property designed to remain humble and the owners want it to stand out. And, for what it’s worth, I have no problem with humble properties… My retirement dream home is a property designed to be humble yet have a modern feel throughout as well as a clean and cohesive exterior appearance. Redoing a humble home can be done correctly but some people simply opt for lipstick on a pig.

Me when I look at The Compound:

Jesus, what an eyesore.

In the first remodel of The Compound, the security light the community had purchased and installed came down. The entire community was upset. I said I would talk with Patrick about it. I did and it was one of the oddest conversations I’ve ever had with someone. I told him the history of the light and indicated it would be a sign of goodwill to the neighborhood if he put it back up. He went over the top with syrupy sweet kindness about getting it put back up as he tossed his contractors under the bus. He emphatically stated he wanted the light there for security as well. He then went off about how stupid his contractors were to remove it. Um, it’s his project, he’s the one laying out the scope… Isn’t it his responsibility to tell his contractors what stays and goes??? Anyway, he did get the light back up.

Immediately after one of the failed mediations surrounding the property, in which seven households took part, Patrick and Drew pulled the security light down. Drew then disposed of it in a central location on the property so the other five households would be sure to see it and that way we could know just how nasty and petty he and his family truly are. Videos of them pulling the light down and Drew disposing of it so he could show the world what a spiteful and petty human he is exist to this day. One of the neighbors brought the trash bag with the light in it over to our home, knocked on our door, and unloaded. She emphatically stated, “This means war.” She was beyond livid. She had every right to be upset. We now had confirmation those in the compound had zero respect for any of their neighbors and they obviously could care less about our safety. They knew the security light was important to the rest of the community and they took it down so they could throw a tantrum over not getting their way. Yes, all owners of The Compound are collectively that immature and stupid (IMO).

The removal of the security light showed me exactly what type of men Patrick and Drew are; they are boys. Spoiled and entitled little boys who will throw hissy fits if they don’t get their way. I believe their wives also knew what was up and are just as petty and childish as the men they married. What I did not expect was Patrick throwing an indefinite and sustained hissy fit. It’s been years now and he has not backed down. He’s only become more aggressive, cunning, and strategic in his harassment of me. I believe he and the rest of his family in The Compound are now also using the courts to harass me simply because I will not allow them to continue to bully me and… Well, I’ve alluded to the rest, but I don’t want to spoon feed their lawyers any more than I already have.

I know I’ve told my readers that I was going to do a full expose on Patrick from my perspective and I may still do so. He’s given me so much material it would be a crime not to share it, but I’ve decided to keep this post short for now. I really want to get on to the legal nightmare, the courts, the judges, the City of Seattle, and the lawyers who have enabled those in The Compound to be the horrible humans I believe they are. I’m nearly done with the character development portion of this site, and will revisit the topic from time to time, but am itching to move on to brass tacks. I still have two more characters to elaborate on and it is my intention to keep those posts brief as well. The two characters I will do a little more development on are Drew Gillespie and the developer of the plat, Edson Gallaudet. After that it is my intention to dive into the lawyers and judges surrounding these cases as well as the cases themselves.


If anyone trips on the property in the dark, they may use this post in any way they feel fit. Also, realize that the spy cameras Partick set up to monitor my every move as I enter and exit the property are actively monitoring and recording… Get your lawyer to get a copy of the video promptly. Also, feel free to contact me.