Hello Stranger (Readers)

What the hell ever happened to the personal ads and ‘I saw you’ ads in The Stranger? Crap, I just dated myself. I would read those ads religiously! I even placed at least one ‘I Saw You’ and a couple personal ads back in the day. Now I’m really going to date myself… That was long before Lovelab and Lustlab. Countless hours of mine were lost looking at those personals and expanding my limited views of the world. Only once did I meet someone where I couldn’t get away from him fast enough. My rule was to always meet in public first. We met inside the Broadway Market back when it was a happening spot. I was mortified the second I laid my eyes on him and tried to evade but he noticed me. It made me rethink meeting people in public first but I soon rationalized being publically mortified was better than meeting Jeffrey Dahmer in private.

Decades later, here I am placing another ad in The Stranger and asking for help with my reality which has become stranger than fiction. A reality which includes fighting for my civil rights because I used this gesture on a group of individuals who are truly worthy of it:

The courts have ruled that I cannot flip my neighbors off because I flipped them off more than once. This type of censorship and restriction on freedom of speech is now a reality in America. Remember how Juli Briskman was fired for flipping off the Presidential Motorcade as it drove by? If not, does this image jog your memory?

I have yelled expletives at every President starting with Regan. I haven’t had the opportunity to express myself to their face but have fantasized about running into a couple and doing so. I’ve even flipped a couple Presidents off as their motorcade drove by; both Democratic and Republican.

Because we now have our technology overlords watching and listening to us all day and every day, in public and in private, how long will it be before we experience repercussions for shouting a choice word or two at (or flipping off) a screen, camera or mic? You think that last line was hyperbole? It’s my reality. My neighbors used images of myself flipping off a camera, which I believe was obviously setup to spy on me, in court so they could attempt to silence my middle finger. Juli Briskman lost her job because a camera caught her flipping the bird at vehicles driving by! The images my neighbors captured of me flipping off their spy camera helped them win against my middle finger in court. No threats were made, no acts of hostility reported, they simply didn’t like me flipping them off… I think they probably should have thought about that prior to being a tight knit family of first-class assholes and bullies.

As awful as my neighbors are, this site is not about a specific family and how sociopathic the members of that family are (IMO). This site is about freedom of speech, the courts, politics, our broken legal system, and whatever else may tickle my fancy from time to time. I plan on offering solutions to the problems I write about as this site matures.

Since closing on our current home in 2013, I have had countless opportunities to see how broken and corrupt our local city government is. I have experienced the wrath and shunning of Seattle City Council Member Tammy Morales and her staff for simply asking questions. The ‘liberal’ Morales and her staff have made it abundantly clear to me she/they prefer developers over homeowners. Former Seattle Council President, and likely future Mayor Bruce Harrell, came to our home to meet with the community and provided advice and assistance after actively listening to us.

This site was created with the intent to network and influence by telling stories and showcasing experiences… Not only mine!

Over the years I’ve learned more than I ever cared to about buying homes, developers, easements, driveways, zoning, permitting, HOAs, communities without HOAs, CC&Rs, and the legal ramifications surrounding these. I’ve spent countless hours in mediations, depositions, courtrooms and with lawyers diving into this nightmare which was thrust upon us by our neighbors. My experiences here can be beneficial to others and may help you or someone you know. Feel free to send me questions or topic suggestions.

You may be also be encountering a legal nightmare. Would like to share that with me and possibly the world? Please reach out to me. I do ask you to be armed with legal documents and a coherent story when you approach me. I know passion kicks in when dealing with crap like this – crap you never wanted but was thrust upon you – but, if you want me to work with you, and possibly publish your story here, please check as much emotion at the door as possible. Emotion is a powerful tool and guide, but it can get the best of us in situations like these.

I want to use the hardships thrust upon me by my neighbors in the same way Juil Briskman did. I want to use them to improve society if I can. I’m not saying I want to run for office – that’s not even on my radar – but I do want to shake up Seattle City Government and get them once again working for us taxpayers.

Most of my friends would call me a flaming liberal. All I know about the liberals in City Hall is they are too busy in teleconferencing to get out of their homes and see how messed up this city has become under their watch. Durkan is a colossal failure, but I would argue the Council has been a bigger failure than the mayor.

Council Member Morales is probably the biggest snowflake on the council. She has had her staff tell me flat out she will never meet with me or speak to me again. Why? Well, I didn’t flip her off or get loud with her… All I did was ask questions via email! Isn’t it her job to answer questions and help her constituents? Yeah, that’s what I thought. I’m not a developer though so she doesn’t have the time of day for me.

I will never forget calling into Kshama Sawant’s office over concerns she was putting a moratorium on evicting tenants PRIOR TO the pandemic. I was concerned because we had two homes, one of which was rented out, and the one we lived in. She was proposing that my husband and I would need to pay two mortgages in Seattle for up to a year if for some reason our tenant could not, or chose not to, pay rent for a year. She expected us to pay two mortgages in Seattle on top of the added legal expense of eviction. Not to mention the cost of fixing any damage done to the home by a bad tenant after we finally were able to evict them! Her office literally told me we would need to eat the entire cost! Her staff member was simply cold and obviously exercised his prejudice that because we had two homes in Seattle, we were rich and could afford it! Sawant finally caved but only months later and after receiving countless calls like mine as well as a ton of bad press. My stance on these “liberals” in City Hall is that their mantra is “let them eat cake.”

I’ve traveled a bit and think we live in one of the most beautiful locations on Earth. Yes, Bora Bora is more beautiful but it’s small and so damn remote I would not want to live there even though I long to return. Seattle has historically been one of the best cities in the world in my humble opinion. But it’s fallen on that list dramatically and it won’t be on the list for much longer if these people in City Hall keep masquerading as liberals when in fact, they are simply nothing more than an average run of the mill self-absorbed politician. The current batch of liberals in City Hall are willfully out of touch with the common folks and the city who they claim to be there for.

We need a new breed of liberal in City Hall. One who is willing to meet with constituents, walk around the city they represent alone at night, Council Members who randomly and unsolicited go into small business and ask owners as well as workers what they want and need, liberals who will work for us. I argue the current batch of Council Members fester in the grotesque corruption Seattle is known for. We need Council Members who are not afraid to answer questions their constituents ask via email!

Hey Tammy Morales…

Now, I’ve officially flipped off Council Member Morales! She’s going to get a much bigger FU from me when I publish my email exchanges with her office.

This may be my first post where I’ve left out the names of my narcissistic, sociopathic, and entitled (IMO) neighbors but it will not be my last. The reason I have devoted this much time to my neighbors thus far is because I believe people need to know exactly the type of Karens and Kens (IMO) who forced me into to this legal showdown to fully comprehend this story. Background is needed to understand the nuances of my story as I lay it out for consumption.

For more information on Juil Briskman and her struggle from the NY Times, click on her image below:

Here is a recent example of a business owner who is as appalled at the council as I am: