Dude, why you recording?

After I told those in The Compound they couldn’t build over the easement, and thus make our parking spot fundamentally unusable, they went on the warpath. In very short order they started harassing me as I would come and go from my own home. Katie (Drew’s wife) and Patrick were by far the worst. Katie was constantly baiting me with that overtly overly nice passive aggressive nonsense… Mocking my obvious disdain for her with syrupy sweet (yet transparent) kindness. Patrick was another story, he became unhinged. I’ll glance over Patrick a little bit more in this post but promise to dedicate some serious time to Patrick soon.

I knew long before George Floyd and the Black Lives Matter movement that cameras were not only a valuable tool for documenting harassment but, they also work as a tool in prevention of escalation of bad behavior for most people. Then again, I had yet to encounter anyone like the fine specimens of humanity (IMO) who call The Compound home. Initially, I believe they loved being recorded and I have the videos to back this claim. In one of the videos, it shows me exiting the property and those in The Compound waiving to, and goading me, as I exit. I believe it’s abundantly clear they knew they were being recorded, enjoyed it and posed for the video. There was not one indication of concern over being recorded on their faces; quite the opposite.

Later that day I returned, and they harassed me as I drive onto the property. Katie even rushes toward my car waving with that syrupy sweet fake smile of hers… With a child in hand! That’s right, she races towards a moving vehicle with t child in hand! Patrick wasn’t outside upon my return but, the second he knew I was on the property he comes racing out of the house and around their home to pester and harass me as I exit my car (IMO). In the audio, residents of The Compound can be heard antagonizing me as I make my way to my home on foot. Once again, I wouldn’t make this claim about a video if it didn’t exist.

I started recording as I came and went from my own home so I could show how I was being harassed. That stance rapidly changed from recording their behavior as I came and went to recording mine as well due to the wild and fabricated claims about myself those in The Compound would conjure up. They would also make these claims to others in the community in an obvious effort to slander me to the community (IMO). Here’s an email they had one of their lawyers send to the entire community which made me realize how important it was to document my coming and going so I could defend myself against these what I now believed to be bullies on the warpath:

It was now apparent to me that those in The Compound wanted war. If that had not been the case, they would not have lobbed this letter full of lies, scandalous and inflammatory accusations, to slander me (IMO) to my neighbors and the rest of the community. They said I was on their property when I record which is technically true, but I am on the easement (driveway) we have over their property. I have a right to be there. How would I get to my own home if the easement was not there? They love to twist reality to make things more suitable for a Jerry Springer episode. I wasted no time in responding to them and their lawyer. I responded directly because I didn’t think I needed representation for this. Here is my response:

From: Paul Drinkwine

Sent: Saturday, July 23, 2016 8:36 PM

To: McComb, Devin P.

Subject: RE: Gillespie, Ward & Ascolese

Mr. McComb,

I am acknowledging and responding to your letter in which you make hostile, false and inflammatory claims about myself and then threaten me with a restraining order.

For months now your clients have been baiting and antagonizing me as well as engaging in offensive activities against myself.  I have a documented start date incidence and timeline showing the escalation of activities ranging from baiting to outright acts of aggression and intimidation. The most recent display of hostility came from Mr Gillespie on July 20, 2016:  My husband and I were walking onto the property after eating dinner nearby and realized trash and yard waste pickup day was the following morning.  We took the community compost and our trash to the curb.  Upon returning to the western portion of the property we noticed the bagged yard-waste from the gardener which the 2527 properties have hired to insure our portion of the property looks clean and maintained.  We grabbed those bags and took them to the curb.  In doing so we were baited by Katie Ward as we walked past the parking pads of A & B.  I responded with “we have such nice neighbors”, “such selfless neighbors.”  Both Katie’s and my actions are legally protected rights.  Upon returning Mr. Gillespie approached my husband and myself in a manner which is only done with the intention to intimidate, harm, provoke and induce fear.  I was truly fearful for our safety.

Mr. Gillespie’s behaviors were captured on video from multiple locations.  I have obtained a copy of the incident from one of the security cameras on the property.  What I find most disturbing, and did not know at the time, is after Mr. Gillespie made a retreat he returned and started to follow us from behind towards our home then retreated again.  This video footage is incredibly disconcerting.

I have yet to file a police report on the above incident.  The reason I am holding off on filing one is because I do not want to escalate this situation.  My only hope is for deescalation and all parties involved to start acting like respectful adults; self included.

In your letter dated July 20, 2016 you wrote “Yesterday, Mr. Drinkwine followed Emily Ascolese in his car, and shouted obscenities at her while driving along side her.”  Once again; I have obtained a copy of the incident from one of the security cameras on the property.  What this video shows is me walking to my car then spending 30-seconds trying to circumnavigate the truck Emily and Patrick intentionally park in a location which is prohibited by the CC&Rs, Emily exiting the property to the right when I am about 20 feet behind her, and me exiting to the left.  At no point was I driving along side her.  Did I call her a name?  Yes, and that’s not illegal.  Your clients take great pleasure in baiting me, antagonizing me and engaging in offensive activities against myself.  I am human and can only take so much and snap occasionally.  But, once again, I only hope for deescalation and all parties involved to start acting like respectful adults; self included.

As for the incident on the 20th, you may want to ask your clients about the of activities in the window of their home right next to my car, as I left for work, several mornings in the two weeks prior.  Your clients clearly know what time I exit the property every morning and have been waiting for me.  I knew your clients had played me as soon as I exited the property.

In my opinion, lawyers often exacerbate a bad situation.  I fear that’s the case this time.  I will be sending a copy of this email, as well as access to the two videos focused on in this letter, to all parties who received a copy of your letter; excluding you and your clients.  Measures to make sure the videos are not downloadable will be in place and the videos will only be available for viewing for a limited time.  I have the right to defend myself against you and your client’s false and inflammatory claims.

As for the video recording from my phone which is taking place as I enter and exit the property…. There is nothing more I would like than to feel these actions are unjustified.  Most reasonable people would agree taking such precautions to refute allegations like the ones in this letter are justified.  I can guarantee that as soon as I no longer feel the need to record as I come and go from my own home I will stop.

I demand your clients stop all acts of hostility toward me, baiting me, antagonizing me, and engaging in offensive activities against myself and husband; including parking in any manner which is prohibited by the CC&Rs.

I also demand swift and immediate attention to the CC&Rs as this is obviously the crux of the situation and simple adherence to the CC&Rs by your clients will undoubtedly result in deescalation of tension for all parties involved.


Paul Drinkwine

<end of email>

I think the email I sent in reply speaks for itself. The videos mentioned in the email still exist and I am just itching to post them all… Soon hopefully.

All hell broke loose about me recording after my response. The Compound residents immediately went from waving at me as I drove by recording to beyond outraged over me recording. I believe that as soon as they realized my recordings showed the horrible dregs of humanity they are (IMO), or simply that I could prove they were lying, they became outraged over me recording. 

But what they didn’t know is that I had a video camera on the common area and driveway long before they moved in. So, not too long after the slander above (IMO), residents of The Compound went for it again and used yet another lawyer to accuse me of recording them eating Thanksgiving Dinner… Yes, you read that correctly. Here’s that accusation in all its glory:

And there we have it… It was now abundantly clear to me that those in The Compound would stoop to no low, including invoking their own children, to slander and attack both me and my spouse.

My response to this nonsense was the long video below which shows exactly what took place on November 24, 2016 at 1:48 p.m… My husband and I loaded up the car with homemade foods which we took over to our beloved Grandmother’s home for what would be our last Thanksgiving with her. The video also provides a clear view of the driveway which is the only way on or off the property. Only a windowless corner of The Compound is visible in this video but the driveway is along the south side of The Compound. Watch it if you want but, it’s beyond boring:

Years later it came out Patrick “thought” he saw me with a camera. How one mistakes a pie or spiced cabbage for a camera is beyond me! Well, actually, no it’s not… I believe he and those in The Compound simply wanted to create another Jerry Springer moment and thought they could do so by accusing me of being a voyeur who gets his jollies by watching those he loathes eat their dinner. Really??? Is that even a thing? These people have no shame whatsoever in my opinion… I believe they will do and say anything to make me look bad and harass/slander me.

Their hypocrisy is noteworthy as well. They claim to be outraged over the fact that I am recording as I come and go from my own home. Those complaints only started coming in after they realized my recordings showed how those in the compound would (IMO) stage Jerry Springer moments and then use their lawyers to attack me privately and publically. I could use the videos to show what lying, sick and twisted (IMO) people those in The Compound are. Their outrage was over being caught with their pants down (on camera), not over me recording (IMO). The simple fact that The Compound now has cameras placed strategically all over it to monitor myself (IMO), one of which is pointed at my car, shows they have no problem with them recording me, just me recording them. That my dear readers, is a vivid display of hypocrisy at its finest.

Please note that I didn’t mention the fact that they had a camera named after me in this post until now. I wonder if the one pointed at my car is named “Paul’s car.” have no clue as to the actual number of cameras those in The Compound put up to monitor my movements around the property but I’ll post one of the video collages Patrick made of me in a future post about the courts and how those in The Compound are trying to strip American’s of their right to flip someone off.

For those who like to cook… Here’s my spiced cabbage recipe which is a hit every Thanksgiving and a bit of a tribute to my Grandmother who demanded it twice a year:

Spiced Red Cabbage


  • 2 tablespoons vegetable oil
  • 1 large head red cabbage shredded
  • 3 medium sized granny smith apples
    • Peeled, cored sliced
  • ¼ cup red wine vinegar
  • ½ cup packed dark brown sugar
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • ½ teaspoon ground cloves
  • ½ teaspoon black pepper
  • ¾ teaspoon allspice


Heat a large pan or pot on the stove and then add the oil and cabbage.  Cook till the cabbage is soft to the touch; about 15-mintes. 

Mix in remaining ingredients, reduce heat to low, cover and cook for about 10-minutes. 

Uncover and increase heat. Continue to cook and stir until the apples and cabbage are tender to bite; about 5-10 more minutes.