I’m angry.

It takes a lot to anger me. When I get angry, I start talking and that’s when people start paying attention. One thing which can push the limits of my patience is injustice. Injustices are fundamentally what this site and blog are going to be about. To get to that point I will need to spin a story with background information including the players involved. I will not be politically correct nor will I sugar coat things. This site/blog will consist primarily of my opinions. The facts supporting my opinions will come from the plethora of legal cases surrounding our properties and interactions.

Posting my opinion, along with the facts which formulated those opinions, is going to be incredibly expensive. The acronym IMO (in my opinion) will be used as a frequent reminder that the majority of what is contained in this site is just that. If you don’t like what you see, don’t come back. If you do like what you find here for one reason or another, please let me know and send me a gift of support in any amount you feel comfortable with… More on that later.

The facts presented on this site will be court records and other supporting documents including images and videos. However, I need to be exceptionally careful because my neighbors are the most litigious people I know. These neighbors are the worst humans I have ever encountered. Their last legal shenanigan was to take me to court for flipping them off! I expect they will take me to court again over this site/blog so I need to mind my P’s and Q’s. If I say I have video of something you may need to just take it on faith for the time being. That being said, there is no way I would make a claim about having a video without having the video, images or text to back up any claim I make in a court of law. I will be posting images and videos as soon as I have legal clearance to do so.

Topics are going to include my neighbors, lawyers and the United States legal and judicial system. The one thing the past few years has showcased for me is how truly broke our legal and judicial systems are. I will also include topics like landscaping, gardening, cooking, music, politics and whatever else pops up.

Here are some of the terms which will be used frequently in this site and blog:

“The Compound.” This is a 1951 building which was converted into two attached townhomes. The Compound was given its name by the people who reside in it. The Compound is the gateway to the property including the newer five award winning homes beyond The Compound. Everyone visiting the property sees The Compound first… And holy hell have the owners of The Compound done a wonderful job at making it a hideous eye-sore (IMO).

Pro Tips… I will be making “Pro Tips” here from time to time and they will be in jest. Those Pro Tips will include gardening, landscaping, exterior decorating and many others.

              Pro Tip:  If you don’t want to see your name on a site like this; don’t be a dick.

If you find the subject matter here informative, entertaining, eye-opening or insightful, we could use your help by supporting us with a gift to keep up the good legal fight for not only us, but you as well… That’s how this shitty and broke legal system we have works, I’m going to keep fighting for you and I both.